This beautiful dressing table and stool was made from solid English pine. It was in excellent condition but very dated with its orange pine coating. Living near the coast, I wanted to lighten it up and give it a fresh feel. I used Fusions Raw Silk which is a gorgeous warm white that goes with almost anything. I completely stripped the top and applied antique wax to darken it slightly and bring out the grain. I did the same with all the knobs. The stool was also painted and recovered in a lovely greige coloured linen. I removed the button detail to give it a more contemporary feel.

Jarvi sofa painted in one coat of Taubmans 3in1 primer. Then using a Cling On! brush size O35, I applied three coats of Fusion Raw Silk. The paint was applied in small circular movements over the rattan so as not to clog all the little holes.

This lovely silky oak half moon table was stripped and refinished with Chalked Up Olive Leaf Paint. The top was treated to a couple of coats of Miss Mustard Seeds hemp oil to bring out the beautiful grain. I apply hemp oil with a lint free cloth, the wood loves it and absorbs it very quickly.

Before discovering Fusion Mineral Paint I used chalk paint.

This dresser is painted in Annie Sloan Provence. The back panel was mixed with white to give it a slightly lighter shade.

When the piece was dry, I lightly sanded it in places to distress slightly. The top was stripped of its old varnish and waxed using brown wax.

It was then buffed up to a light shine using an old t shirt. These are really handy to keep for buffing wax as they don’t scratch the surface.

A pair of single beds were updated using Annie Sloan’s pure white chalk paint. They were lightly distressed before sealing with clear wax.

This electrical reel was fun to do. I’m normally a perfectionist with my paint finishes, but I wanted this one to look weathered like old boat wood.

I washed the top and lower shelf with watered down Fusion in Casement. I wiped it back a bit with a cloth while it was still wet to distress it.

The centre of the reel was made up of planks which I painted in lots of coastal colours for a fun unique look. I think it looks gorgeous staged and it sold very quickly.